Being driven to root my new AT&T HTC One m8...


Nov 23, 2012
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So, I JUST upgraded to an m8 from an m7 YESTERDAY, and ALREADY, I'm discovering missing features (like the Secure SMS Inbox I used so much on my m7. Honestly, it kills me that this has been removed!). As I'm already starting fresh with this phone (it was an insurance upgrade, since my m7 bit the dust unexpectedly), I'm kinda thinking of rooting this one right off the bat, so as to not have AT&T's bloatware forced upon me, and to possibly regain access to software & features that AT&T removed. I must admit that I am more than a bit intimidated, though, as rooting seems complicated: S-OFF, Unlocking the bootloader, getting hold of a stable ROM (just a stock HTC Sense 6 ROM - with no carrier additions - will do)... It just all seems like so much! Does anyone have any advice? Should I do this? Will I be causing myself more trouble than it's worth? Is my fear irrational? I'm not the kind of person who wants to be constantly tinkering with my phone. I really just want to USE the damn thing, but I'd like to do so on MY terms, not on AT&T's. I hate the idea of being forced into anything (like having their software installed, and not being able to remove it, eating up all my storage space). But if, in rooting, I will end up sentencing myself to a future of inconvenience with this device, then I don't want to do it. Let me know what you think.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Rooting is adding a file (su) to the system folder - the rest (busybox, a superuser app) is actually optional (although they're always added). That's it. It's done to the ROM that's currently in the phone.

What you're talking about is flashing a new ROM - even if it's the stock M* ROM) that's already been rooted.

Save yourself a lot of time, effore and possibly bricking the phone. Go to the AT&T M8 section on XDA and see what's available to just root the version of Android you have in that phone. At worst, it's probably a 5 minute process.

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