Best Galaxy Note ever

Oscar Maradiaga

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Aug 20, 2013
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My 1st thoughts when I heard no micro sd card was awww man. After all these years of having my music on my sd card. My pictures any videos. I couldn't believe it. I was skeptical that the next note would be better then the note 4. But after such a long delay for 5.1.1 on the note 4 and all the hiccups it wants to see what the Note 5 would provide. I'm really glad I went ahead and purchased the Note 5. Its thinner and light compared to any a note before. With phones getting bigger the note 5 doesnt feel big at all considering it has the same screen size as the note 4 its unbelievable how light this phone is. Now on to Touchwiz. I've never been a big fan but this version is stripped down no uninstalling apps that you dont need. That there is actually close to no bloatware is incredible. I'm on Sprint and the Note 5 LTE speeds are fast. I understand new product more revolutionized speeds and specs. But I didn't expect this. I downloaded 2.4 GB of Eminems discography in under 5 minutes thats never been that fast. If your on the fence here about whether this Note is worth the upgrade from a note 4 believe me it is. Let me not even say anything about the the camera. Its absolutely a marvel how pictures are so clean and crisp. I can't say much about the battery yet but so far its as good as my Note 4 . I got it at 10 am. Charged it to 100% by 1120 and is still at 34%percent with heavy use. Setting up my apps my folders was a blurr. Enjoy the Note 5


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Jul 30, 2011
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I have to agree. I like it better than my note 4, but I am still having some weird crazy battery drain. I'm trying to figure out the cause (I know it must be some app I install frequently). First day with the phone I got like 5 hours screen time with 50% battery. Now I'm on 3 hours sot for the day starting with a 100% battery

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