Best/latest and stable Cyanogen ROM? Any better than CM iyo?


Dec 7, 2010
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I haven't rooted or flashed a custom ROM since I had my G1 a year ago when I bought my N1, been at stock forever. I haven't really cared or been bothered, ****ing stock Google builds rule, and so do pure Google phones. Pure Google > life, never buying a non-Nexus again.

But anyway I'm thinking about rooting again soon maybe, and my warranty is up sometime in mid March anyway so even better. I remember back in the G1/MT3G/early Android development days that Cyanogen was easily the best, and I see he still is and he's going even stronger. But I'll just make sure from you guys who know for sure everything that's going on and whatnot, is he still king in terms of the best, smoothest/fastest, most function and stable pure android builds? And what's the best cyanogen ROM for me to install on my N1 if I root? Just manually installed the Gingerbread update yesterday, man it's so frickin awesome, idk if I even wanna root anymore and have to wipe and lose all my text messages and apps. I mean I guess text threads don't matter that much and I can always just remake my desktops and whatnot, but I don't wanna go through the trouble of redownloading all my apps again. :( What CMod build/ROM would you guys most reccomend for my N1? If I get the Nexus S next week or so I'm gonna sell my N1 to friend for $300, he said he'll buy it already if I wanna sell it so not bad at all, it's like getting a $575 Nexus S for $275 pretty much which in sweet. Main reason is my N1 has some small touchscreen calibration issues, they're annoying sometimes.


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Mar 16, 2010
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You've rooted and installed a mod before so you know what the process is like. I say this because you mention you don't want to reinstall or redownload all your apps again. I think that's a small inconvenience if I'm honest.

Having said that, I recently rooted and installed cyanogen 6.1.1 on my Nexus one, which is currently the stable build. Unfortunately, it's 2.2.1, which means, for you it's going back. However, the nightly cm7 is 2.3.2. Now here's my issue...

I'm in the same boat as you, kinda. I love stock builds too and it took me a year and some change of owning a Nexus one to finally void that warranty and install a custom rom. But now that 2.3.3 is out, do I go stock 2.3.3 (like you) or should I get cm7 for 2.3.2?

I don't know what the difference between the two versions are but it's also worth noting that you get all the little tweaks that.come with cm7. My fav. being the modified notification bar.

I'm leaning towards cm7 nightly. If you plan on installing a rom this is the one I'd recommend.

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