Best Messenger App... some 1 please develope


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May 17, 2012
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I am a user of several messenger Apps to also include SMS such as Go sms pro and up until recently Handcent (issues with S3.. so disappointed). However, I mostly use Whats app, GroupMe and Hangouts. Each of them have a purpose or a specific members. For example my Bike Club / community uses groupme. Some of my co workers and I use Whats app. Then there is Hangouts.... :)mad:) They are on to something with this app but missed it by a MILE. The problem is, each one has ability that the other does not have. You would think that a developer would create a app that would in include all the features that the ones listed have into one Super Messenger app..... one that can send locations.. one that can cross all platforms, send various files such as movies, mp3 clips etc., one that could send your location and maybe tie in with Google maps and track movements, verify the message you sent was read. Better smileys or what ever. You would think the Hangout developers would have thought of this...... And be just as customize-able as some of the popular 3rd party SMS apps (now that would be a big plus :D ). What would like to see in this "super messenger" app???? or is there one out there already????

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