Best Motorola Razr+ cases 2023

Mr. Lucky

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Jul 25, 2023
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This is the case I'm using. I't's real carbon fiber, very slim and grippy, and a snug fit. Yes, you can find it for less $$ on alibaba and eBay, but pay close attention to the seam where the case halves meet when the phone is fully open. They are a perfect match on the Amazon source, but not always so when purchased elsewhere. Also, be aware of an inherent shortcoming with this or any other case for this phone. Cases usually provide a "lip" that wraps around the front and provides a degree of protection in the event of a face-down drop. But since one of the major selling points of this phone is the "no gap" when closed, it means your phone is vulnerable to face-down drops, case or no case. It's a small price to pay and a risk I'm willing to take, but something for a potential buyer to be aware of. If you find a case that does have a wrap-around front lip, it means your phone will now have a gap when closed and a potential problem of debris getting trapped in there.
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