best open wifi spots finder and/or automatic connector??


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Jun 19, 2012
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best open wifi spots finder and/or automatic connector??

First of all let me tell you i'm from Argentina so sorry for my spelling.

I'm from a small town and in a month I'm traveling to Europe with my smartphone and I would like to be permanently connected by wifi (whatsapp, Zello, skype, etc) because calls and SMS can reach to cost a lot.

I'm pretty sure the places i'm going to visit must have enough open wifi spots.

When I had my nokia n95 it has a very good app called WeFi that was constantly automatically scanning the area and if it found some open wifi spot (or one whose password is on the app database) connected me.

Now Iḿ on android and WeFi is available on the market, but I noticed that in the market are available many other apps, with more popularity and downloads, apps such as "free zone" and "wifi finder"

I installed these last two, but here where I live i could not test it, since this is't a touristic place or downtown so i can't find to much open wifi spots, which surely in rome, barcelona etc. will not be the same.

The thing is that i will travel in a few days, so i wish if someone can tell me what is the best application for this kind of use, since I don't want to have several apps of this kind installed together, that will eat my battery charge and can also generate conflicts between this apps.

Another question I have about those apps (since I couldn't try them based on the low wifi traffic from where I live) is if that apps only scan the area or when it finds a spot automatically connect me to this open spot (that would be much better)

Well, I hope my question is understood

Thanks in advance



May 26, 2011
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I use WiFi Analyzer. It doesn't automatically connect you to open networks, but doing so is simple enough. It does show you the signal strength of both open and protected networks. I think it's a great, little app.

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