Best phones for PWM/Flicker sensitive people 2023


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Feb 28, 2014
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Thank you for continuing to champion PWM awareness on a mainstream outlet in a balanced and informative way. It has taken so many years to get to this point and I very much hope the message gets louder and the manufacturers take eye health more seriously.

I have been an iPhone user since its original release and am now trapped on a iP11 with LCD having been unable to use any flagship iPhone since the release of the X due to PWM eye strain which leads to awful migraines. That’s over 10 years of buying OLED iPhones only to return them immediately when the display wrecks my eyes and triggers migraines for several days - but every year I hope “this is the one where it’s finally resolved”. Using the X at launch is how I found out I am sensitive to PWM but dithering is also an issue, especially on the iPads and MacBooks. I cannot use any iPad Pro model despite them having LCD and now miniLED as Apple has introduced dithering to fake 10bit P3 colour as well as PWM.

Samsung, being the largest display manufacturer along with LG and BOE, are to blame. They are fully aware that more and more people are noticing eye strain issues and yet they still don’t improve their technology. Apple is complicit and might come to regret not tackling this problem sooner, maybe thinking that only a few people are affected. They are already driving users like myself away towards Android alternatives and I am ready and willing to go all in on a suite of Pro Apple products (phone, watch, tablet, laptop) if it were not for PWM + dithering issues now on all their devices. I will vote with my wallet and health.

There are thousands of people out there right now suffering from using PMW devices and they might not even be aware it’s the screens on these devices causing them issues. For years this has been discussed on Reddit, Samsung Forums, Macrumors etc. At first, it was very easy for community members to spout the usual comments like “Get your eyes tested” or “See a doctor”, but this is a real issue for sensitive folk as PWM thrashes our nervous system. And who knows, in years to come the public might just find out that staring at rapidly flickering screens for hours has been bad for everyone’s eye health.

Spend some time reading through his Macrumors thread that has been running since 2017 and has over 8600 posts:

Eye-strain while using iPhone X and up

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