Best ROM & root-friendly replacement phone for Galaxy S4


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Hi there everyone!

My daughter and wife run an S4 on Verizon with the following specs:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-1545
Android Ver. 5.0.1
Baseband: 1545VRUGOF1
Kernel: 3.4.0 dpi@SWDD6122 #1
Root via: Kingoroot. Verified to have root through Root Check (app store)

My intention was to run Cyanogenmod 11 on it but my parade was rained on when I was told that this was an impossibility and terribad things would happen if I tried, including but not isolated to the burning of my cat due to the bootloader being locked.

So I have begun considering looking for a used phone on eBay to replace them that I can root/install Cyanogenmod on. There's a few requirements that I'd like to satisfy, if possible:

1) Capability: I'd like the specs to be at least on par with the S4, including CPU, memory and physical size

2) micro SIM: I don't have an official VZW store within two hours of me and the shipping and over-the-phone SIM activation has proven to be a bit of a pain.

3) accessories available: They need Otterbox cases and super-screenguards.

4) No bulls@#*t rooting and ROM installable: I don't want to have to do a raindance during a certain moonphase while drinking the blood of a virgin dolphin to get it to happen. I need a phone that is leans more to the side of the spectrum that it's not much of a hassle to put a custom ROM on it.

5) Cheap on the used market would be awesome!

Just spitballing and seeing what the peeps in the know would suggest. I appreciate any and all suggestions and insight!

Thanks for your time!

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