Best way to reformat an SD card


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Dec 8, 2010
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I noticed the other day that there were options inside clockwork to reformat an sd card and sd ext and other options (not really sure what they were). But my question is which would be more thorough (clockwork or phone's reformat feature) or are they both the same. Just curious, cause I need the cleanest wipe possible. My phone's been having some issues with loading all these roms that I'm trying to figure out. Thanks in advance.

And if you want to explain which ones to run in clockwork if that's the best, that'd be great. Thanks again.

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Feb 25, 2011
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I was having issues loading ROMs and Themes as well. I was advised to use those format features you are talking about. All of them. I no longer have the issues.

Now as for the PC format I am curious too as when I first started messing with the phone I did a PC format of a new 32GB card I got in. I had odd issues from the start that have since seemed to be much better since I used CWM to format the SD card. (also note that the first time I formatted with CWM I restored items from the copy I made on local PC and still had issues. I then formatted with CWM again and started from scratch)

That being said first time I had this SD card in my PC and connected my phone via USB my PC stated there was an issue with the card and wanted to scan / fix which I let it do.

This past time after CWM format my PC started the same thing when I mounted the card. I am now choosing to Skip this option as I am worried the PC's Scan / Fix is causing issues.

Any insight on this from anyone would be great ;)

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