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Dec 1, 2023
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I found two options below that were either or, not both.
In your experience which is the best way to secure an old phone that you want to put out of use and not sell?

Source of solutions: read at that with old Phone ON, and also on Laptop login to it's google acct->Security-> scroll down to Devices.

/*Once you click find device at above link it will show a map*/
(The lost device gets a notification)
when you get a prompt, tap Enable lock & erase.

Select what you want to do:
1.Play sound: Rings your device at full volume for 5 minutes, even if it's set to
silent or vibrate. <-(for finding nearby device)
2.Secure device: Lock Device or Sign Out of your Google Acct.
To make your old phone not accessable without Password then
select Secure your Phone AND then afterwards change the google acct pswd.
3.Erase device: Erase all Content. After erase you can't locate it.
May require sign in. Afterwards it will still show in show all Devices
though but it's not findable anymore.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Why not just do a factory reset, and then power it off and store it in its original box? You can power it on just to make sure it's booting to the setup wizard, to confirm it was truly factory reset. It's also a good idea to go to your Google account dashboard, then Security>Manage All Devices, and sign out of your Google account remotely for that device.

When storing a device long-term, it's best to keep the battery at around 50% for its long-term health. You probably should turn it on every 6 months or so to check the battery and charge back up to 50% if needed.


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Dec 1, 2023
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Thanks to all replies.
I did the Full Erase (3.Erase device) at )
Afterwards I signed the old phone out of the google acct and then changed the acct Password and added the new phone to acct after activation.

I also considered the hammer option which would be the most secure, but my model phone does not have a removable battery and I don't have large concrete area where I can deal with any possible fire burst.

I suppose I should drop the phone off at the local county hazardous waste facility (?) as seems I read disposing of them in the trash is a chemical risk.

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