Best way to watch Hulu and Netflix using my Droid Turbo on non-smart TV?


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I have a Droid Turbo and live in an area w/o Internet and very limited over air channels. Want to use this device to watch Hulu, Netflix. HDTV, but not smart
Couple of options:
1. With Droid as hotspot, could i use a Roku or Chromecast stick?
2. Netgear Push2TV?
3. Cast function to TV? Miracast adapter required?
4. Buy hotspot and data ->wireless bridge->router-> TV (most $ idea)

Thanks for your thoughts


Jul 14, 2011
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Hi there!

1) Yup. Just make sure that you're in an appropriate hotspot plan or a plan like T-Mobile's, where video doesn't 'count' against your usage quota.
2) If the device allows a direct WiFi connection between the phone and the Netgear, yes.
3) Again, you'd need a device that supports WiFi-Direct; otherwise both the phone and the casting device (like a Roku or Chromecast, for instance) need to be on the same WiFi, and since you mention you don't have home internet, the phone would connect and mirror the screen, but it won't be able to use mobile data as it will default to WiFi all the time.
4) As option 1, this would work but skip the bridge/router. Just get a Chromecast or Roku and connect them to the hotspot. They'll do the streaming. The Roku is best if you want a 'standalone' device that can stream and be controlled without a phone (Roku Stick is my favorite), but Chromecast is also a very good option if you don't mind having to initiate the stream and controls on your phone (the Chromecast will still do the streaming, not your phone, but you need the phone to make it start and to control it).

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