Best/Worst Case for AT&T HTC One X


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Apr 3, 2012
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OK bought my wife a One X for Christmas to replace her broken HTC Vivid. Now to avoid the same problem of breakage, I'm looking and asking which case you recommend and why?

I've looked at the Otterbox Defender and Commuter, and like them both, but has anyone had any luck or use out of the following ones? Incipio HT-286 SILICRYLIC DualPro Case for HTC One X - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Dark Gray/Light Gray: Cell Phones & Accessories Seidio CSK3HTNXLK-GR Active Case with Metal Kickstand for use with HTC One X (AT&T LTE) and HTC One X (International GSM) 1 Pack-Carrying Case-Retail Packaging-Garnet Red: Cell Phones & Accessories Ballistic SG0874-M005 SG Case with Three Layers of Protection for HTC One X - 1 Pack - Carrying Case - Retail Packaging - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories

I use a Otterbox Defender on my Galaxy S3, a Commuter on my Galaxy S2 and I bought her a Defender series for the Vivid but she disliked the massive bulk it added. So needless to say, she dropped it and didn't have a case on it.

Tips suggestions? I've read the reviews but would rather hear from Android Central people who own the device or devices. Thanks in advance

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