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Bixby no longer able to control app notifications?

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Good afternoon. I have noticed in the latest version of Bixby that one function I used to use on a daily basis no longer works and I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this or had found a solution. Before going on I will say that I have worked with Samsung support to try and resolve this on 2 occasions which had included both clearing caches and even doing a backup and factory reset of my device (Galaxy Note 8).

The feature I used to use was the command "Hi Bixby, Turn off notifications for Facebook" (just using Facebook as an example). I would use this command with several social media apps as a quick command when I got to work so that I would not have social media notifications "pinging" while in the office.

Now by using the "Hi Bixby, Turn off notifications for Facebook" command it just comes back and says "No notifications found" as though it is checking to see if I have any notifications for Facebook rather than going into the application settings and disabling notifications for that specific app.

I just found it to be a very handy feature that I used for work and my son used for school, and would really like to use this function again.

I have checked multiple times and I have all of the latest updates for all things Bixby and for my device. If anyone has any input, suggestions or otherwise I would appreciate it as this really was a handy feature in the previous version. It's a shame if they removed it.