Black Screen of Death Constantly occurs on Note 8

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Hello, I currently have the Snapdragon version of the Galaxy Note 8. I have had this issue lately, where the phone constantly does the I believe is called "Black Screen of Death", basically once it gets the slightest amount of heat like exposure to the sun for a brief amount of time. This occurs usually when the phone is charging and open an application probably because of the heat of charging. This also occurs even when I am using an application like Snapchat for a prolonged amount of time. I constantly find myself blowing on my phone and hoping it won't shut, but when it does I have to put the phone in the refridgerator for 10 minutes in order to turn on. Previously, I had the s7 Edge and had the phone much hotter to the touch, and never had an issue.

BTW I have tried multiple factory resets and safe mode. Still having the problem.
Apr 15, 2018
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I had this same issue last night but I had not been using the phone for a bit. It was just laying on the couch beside me. I panicked and was pressing multiple keys to get it to come on. Finally it came on, not sure which keys I had pressed simultaneously that made it come on. I hoping it doesn't happen again.


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Oct 16, 2012
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I had that with a Yotaphone and believe it's a faulty battery so please leave it in for warranty repair before you burn your house down, not joking here, that should NOT happen, the phone should shut down way before it gets so hot you need to put it in the freezer

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