Black screen, screen works.

Jore Koho

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Dec 9, 2014
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Hello, I recently bought an used, but not working samsung galaxy s5. Before writing any further, I´ll add that I study electrical engineering and have a lot of experience from fixing smartphones, therefore I keep myself somesort of an expert when It comes to handling and assembling these stuff carefully enough.

So, the problem is very typical black screen. Ofcourse the first thing would be to change the damaged screen, well, didnt help. Then I tried the screen with another S5 and boomshakalaka, both of the screens (old and new) works.

The phone is not waterdamaged, all the stickers are as they should.

The phone starts up normally, touchscreen works and reacts normally, everything works normally, only the screen is black. Using MHL adapter I can even force the screen to TV and it works normally. Basically this should cross out any problems with s5 graphics unit. Battery is giving out 3.8V as it should. I´ve factoryreseted the phone.

So as my last resort, I´m going to ask you guys any kind of lead I could follow into. As this is more for myself, repairing via company is not an option because I would not learn myself. Most likely the error is extremely small which I just can't see and it even makes me more frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated :)