Blackberry to Nexus One?


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Jan 28, 2010
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Blackberry (BES) to Nexus One?

I currently run our BES at my company for 5 BB users (some 8830's, 8330 and a few Tours).

Our BES is about 4+ Years old and I need to upgrade @ a cost of about $2000, just for the BES. A few of the phones I can upgrade (VZW). So I am trying to decide if I should go to Android OS phones, specifically Nexus One.

Here is my question to you guys:

Do you have to get the Corporate Rate for the Data Package?

Are there any differences with using Touchdown vs BES?

Do emails still come instantly? (actually all changes calendar, tasks, notes etc)

Do you have to have Outlook open on a PC for TD to work? Or does everything sync OTA thru exchange?

The only benefit to me is the BES can automatically sync everything to the BB OTA if a user gets a new one. I.E. less headache for me. We run pretty wide open with no restrictions and I have yet to have to remote wipe a device.

I just need to propose this to my boss, which not spending $$$$ on an upgrade to BES, is obviously in my favor.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!


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