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Mar 19, 2010
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Ok, so the difference here is I have actually read all the other threads about this topic.

What I am looking for is the following type of list:


+ pro a
+ pro b

- con a
- con b


+ pro a
+ pro b

- con a
- con b
I am currently carrying the BlackBerry Bold and am looking for reasons to switch to the Android Platform...
Here are my current plus versus minus for both platforms.


  • + Overall stability. I have had much less "meltdowns" or loss of data on my BB versus my iPhone. The BlackBerry just works. FYI, I don't know what this means on an Android handset.
  • + Push Everything. I am running a BES with PUSH email, calender and contacts. Frakking Awesome.
  • + BlackBerry Messenger. Wow. Where do you start? A single platform that works between ANY model BlackBerry on ANY carrier! It's GREAT and is a completely reliable way to interact with other BlackBerry users. As a person who works in the wireless industry there are alot of BlackBerry users in my circle; needless to say I use this application A LOT!
  • - Browser. No two ways about it, the BlackBerry Browser is nearly useless. I can't imagine a worse web browsing experience while using a mobile phone unless I go back in time at least 5 years.
  • - Apps. I like apps, bottom line (oh, and I like them cheap and/or free).
  • - Apps. As an excellent programmer I can't explain how useless the BB SDK is compared to other platforms. I like to make my own apps and the BB SDK is retarded (Not the person, but the REAL definition of the word).
  • - UI/Touchscreen Devices. I like 'em. Get over it. Touchscreen is the future, whether the technology is developed fully today or not, In 100 years you wont have a physical keyboard on anything anymore (If you don't believe me, favorite this thread and set a reminder on your outlook for 100 years from now. You WILL be wrong.)


  • + Linux/Unix. I am a *nix fanboy. I can't help it. I use it on my personal laptop. *nix is my dream. The overall satisfaction from using a *nix OS on my phone is hard to explain.

  • + Customization. As someone who as actually developed a HSPL (See the term on ANY HTC forum) I can truthfully say that customization is where ITS AT! The BlackBerry can't compete here. Themes don't count - It's just not the same as the ROM development popular in Android devices.
  • + Device Choices. This is definitely one I thought of as I wrote this. In a matter of months, the Android System has propagated itself to MANY devices. See porting threads on forum.
  • + App Availability. Not only are the app availability similar, but the average cost in Android market is significantly cheaper.

  • - Security. There is just an inherent level of trust from using a BlackBerry Device. I have never worried about my data when using a BlackBerry. Whereas, when developing WinMo Apps I have personally seen the holes where I could have ROYALLY FRAKKED a user's system. I have never had this experience when developing BB apps.
  • - Why? Everything works on my BB. I dont have that many issues. Well, in recent weeks I have been pressing ALT-SHFT-DEL a lot, but its not the end of the world.
  • - BES. It may not be ActiveSync (read: tasks[WTF? RIM, no tasks, way to get lazy in the end...])
  • - Keyboard Shortcuts. Is there a way to make this work in a touchscreen? I can't think of one?! The BB has this on LOCK DOWN!!!!

Unfortunately, based on my own pro/con list I can't make a decision...:(
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Oct 28, 2009
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+Email is easy to use and instant
+I agree with BBM. However, now that I reflect back to my BB days, its a fad, just like Nextel Direct Connect. So many people have them, so it makes it fun until no one has it anymore. The only difference between BBM and GTalk on Android is that BBM gives you a "special" ID to make you feel...well, special (i.e. Nextel's Direct Connect).
+Business Apps

-OS is old and dated
-Apps that aren't business related are weak. Same could be said for games.
-Battery pulls...nuff said

+Stable OS (No battery pulls)
+Ditto your app availability line
Options. There are options to do everything.

-Email, not as good as BB but I only need Gmail which works fine for me. But I understand its a pain for others.
-Maybe a little difficult to understand to even your average smartphone user. Typically with Linux but being how you're familiar with it, should be a piece of cake for you =)

Seriously, my Android experience has been phenomenal (Droid user). Much better than I could have ever expected. If I come up with some more cons I'll edit. I came from 3 previous BBs, so the experience is there. This is my first Android phone and it is indeed the best phone I've ever owned.

And to answer you shortcuts line. There are keyboard shortcuts and touchscreen shortcuts. The touchscreen shortcuts are called widgets. And if that doesn't work for you, you can always put the app icon on your homescreen. Still not enough, use the search button that'll search everything on your phone. You can also hold the home key and it will show you your last 6 used apps. So believe me, there are options!!

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