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Blind test coming comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Samsung Galaxy 8 and iPhone 8?


New member
Jul 10, 2011
We need a blind test for the iPhone 8/8+ vs Samsung.

There's so much BS being pushed out within the last few days that anyone with critical analysis and independent thinking skills knows they are skewed in favor of the iPhone.

I saw some of the pictures and I did not find any of the pics from the Samsung where the color was too vibrant or rich. They were to my liking while with the iPhone 8 they were too vibrant to the point of looking fake.

One tweet by a well known Apple blogger and writer said that the iPhone 8 is CRUSHING all other smartphones. Looking at the vast majority of sample pics, he couldn't have been any more wrong:



iPhone 8 Plus Has the "Best Smartphone Camera Ever" | iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's [URL=https://forums.androidcentral.com/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1 iPhone Resource[/url]


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Jan 7, 2016
I own the Galaxy S8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus.

So here are my thoughts on images of the phones. I do a lot of image editing of wallpapers and photos.

First the iPhone's. When creating a wallpaper for the iPhone I never worry about having it look different when using it on my iPhone's. The only difference I see it they look a slight bit softer. I find the iPhone screen to be warm which is what creates the softness.

Now the Galaxy. I had to make corrections to all images and wallpapers. I found the Galaxy screen to be very cool. It also saturated the images. So if the image was at all to the darker side I had to lighten the image. Because as soon as I put it on the phone the saturation cause it to darken. Was better on lighter images but still darkened then to a small degree.

Now I'm not pro or con on either phone but do prefer the iPhone for ease of use. I preferred the Galaxy when it came to reading the screen as colors tended to be more distinct.

There really is no good or bad phone. We all see colors differently so it comes down to personal preferences. As for the iPhone 8 crushing all other phones, time will tell. I bought my iPhone 8 Plus on launch day at the  store and was told they had plenty of them in stock. There were very few people in line that day. I'd be surprised if  has record sales this time around. My 7 Plus is still a perfect phone and could easily have lasted another year. I find the 8 Plus to be more cosmetic an upgrade than anything else.

Now this is only my opinion. Thanks.