Bloatware, Droid Command Center, and impressions thus far

Kyle Bonura

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Aug 26, 2013
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Picked this up yesterday. Had to go straight to work where I did not have the ability to charge. My previous phone (Galaxy Nexus) would run dry before the end of my shift despite only being connected to wifi. I was impressed with the mini when at the end of my shift I went from a starting 30% battery to slightly above 10%. I picked this phone up because I grew tired of the size of my previous and its battery requirements. So far this new toy has accomplished my two main goals.

Only questions I have at this point, have to do with the startling amount of unnecessary verizon default programs and the Droid Command Center.

Has, or will a safe way to delete the bloatware be devised (that anyone might know of)?

Additionally, I like the Droid Command Center for what it is. But I feel like the third circle in the widget (a battery life indicator) is excessive. There is an icon (like there always has been on any android phone) right above it. Is there a way to customize the Command Center so the circles can provide different information in each circle?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if I may have asked anything that's been answered already (I did search but found nothing so far for this particular device). Thanks!

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! You can't completely remove bloatware unless you root the phone. You should be able to disable a lot of it by going to Settings/Apps/All, selecting the app in question, and tapping "Disable." This doesn't remove the app, but prevents it from opening, thus preserving system RAM for other apps/processes. Keep in mind that not all bloatware can be disabled, though (like Backup Assistant).

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