Block Puzzle Game on Android Store


Jan 10, 2017
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The Block Puzzle or Sliding Blocks Games have always proved to be a good refresher for mind as they provide your mind, a spot for relaxation. But, what happens when you install a new puzzle game? The moment when you start playing it, you start feeling bored and become fed up of it.

But why is it so?

The reason is pretty simple, they do not have what a real Block Puzzle Game Should have.

What We Have Brought For You?

The original Block Puzzle Game that you used to play in the childhood which was simple yet fun to play. The factor which you were missing from the games. So let’s see what this game has to offer you.

Offering You

The all new Block Puzzle Game 2017 is offering you the original sliding blocks game.
You need to collect the blocks at the bottom of your screen as quick as you can. Remember, as soon as one line is completed, the line will pop out.
Keep on collecting these blocks and keep on popping them up so that you create more and more High scores. Once you complete a level, a new level will be unlocked and gradually you will reach the final level of the game.