Blood Alcohol Widget [Game/Tool]

Fa C Shus

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Sep 22, 2011
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This is a widget that sits on your home screen. You can track multiple people at once. One widget per person.

You enter your weight and gender (both factors in how alcohol is processed)

You can setup up to 3 drinks that you'll be drinking for the evening and then when you drink just click the button.

The widget will show your current BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), Last drink time and estimated time to sobriety.

Drink setup tips.
Beer is usually 12 ounces in a can or bottle and 16 for a draft pint. The alcohol content for beer is usually between 4% and 7%

Wine is usually served in 5 ounce increments, and contains about 12% alcohol.

Shots are 1.5 ounces in a true pour but if you pour heavy it could easily be 2 ounces. And the alcohol percent is half the proof (80 proof is 40% alcohol).

Mixed drinks have soda, juice or water and that part doesn't count, you only care about the shots being put in the drink and you should use the same calcs as we did for shots.