Blu Vivo XL5, unable to stop phone from sleeping apps

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Hey! about a year ago, I bought a Blu Vivo XL5. Its got a model number of G8, and is running Android version 9.

after a while I noticed that apps I didn't use frequently would stop sending notifications. Then, if I used them they would send notifications for a few days then stop.

After some research it became clear to me that the phone is running some deep power saver that keeps shutting down background processes for unused apps. But I can't turn it off. I've checked every notification setting, every powersaver setting - nothing works.

Today, I noticed that the battery saver option on the menu drop down, only has options for "smart mode, power saving mode , and ultra saving mode". And so I can't turn it off. (Funnily enough, when looking at the actual Power saver settings in the settings app, the phone *claims* to be on normal mode.)

Anyone more tech savvy than me know how to rip this out by the roots. Or at least can recommend a phone that doesn't pull this sort of BS?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, this kind of thing can be baked in at the firmware level -- see this site: If turning off Battery Optimization for an app doesn't help (as mustang7757 suggested above), then there's not much you can do besides changing to a manufacturer that doesn't do this kind of misguided stuff.

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