Bluegrass Cellular's Droid X WILL launch with Froyo

Kyle Gibb

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May 17, 2010
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After my story on the Motorola Milestone X (aka Droid X) coming to regional carrier Bluegrass Cellular, I reached out to their PR department on the Ecalir/Froyo issue. As a quick recap, the Milestone X was listed as having Android 2.1 on their website, which made no sense as the X got 2.2 months ago.

Here was their response:

"Like your readers, we are equally as passionate about not misinforming our customers. So pertaining to the Milestone X issue, we can confirm that we will be launching with Android 2.2 Froyo. Keep an eye on us in 2011, it?s going to be a big year."

So, it looks like it was just a typo. The Milestone X will launch with Froyo ready to go and they are even hinting that they will be carrying more Android phones as the year rolls on.

Anyone in Kentucky picking this up?