Bluetooth and Latest Verizon Update


Apr 10, 2014
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I have had a tough time using Bluetooth devices since Verizon pushed down the update a couple of weeks ago. Before the update, I had a rare issues with a couple of attachments. My Ford sync worked everytime as well as my plantronics M165 headset. Since the update, they started failing to connect. I initially forgot all my attachments and then Paired them again. That lasted a couple of days then problems arose again. I then did a phone reset where it only reset some of factory settings. I paired the devices again, they worked for a few days and then would not connect again. My latest attempt was a factory reset, not much difference other than spending a half of day downloading the apps again and customizing phone. That lasted about 1 week before nothing is connecting to the phone. I think there is some kind of memory leak around bluetooth where connecting between different attachments drives KitKat 4.4.2 wacko. My phone is not rooted. Anyone have a longer term solution for using multiple bluetooth attachments?