Bluetooth app keeps crashing every 2-3 seconds when connecting car's music system (Harman Music sys)

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My phone has Android 10 updated with the latest September 5, 2020's security patch. My car's music system is a Harman (App version R1.4_PV_30062016).

Problem - My phone's Bluetooth app keeps crashing when trying to listen to music from my car's Harman music system.

Interestingly, I am able to connect this Android 10 phone to a JBL Bluetooth speaker and another wireless headset with no issues. Also, I am able to take calls over Bluetooth from the car's Harmon system. But when I try playing music, the Bluetooth app starts crashing.

I have two other Android phones and I face no Bluetooth crashing problem when connected to my car's music system (Harmon). They both are Android 7.

Troubleshooting steps that I have tried till now:

1. Restarting the phone.
2. Making the car's music system and my phone forgets each other and pairing them again.
3. Factory reset my phone - still no success.
4. Post-factory-reset, I updated the system to the latest Sept 5 update, but still the same problem.

Kindly guide.
Thank you!

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