Bluetooth Audio out for Speakerphone


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May 21, 2012
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Hello all,

This is my first post so please hang with me.

I recently purchased a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. This is my second android phone. I travel a good bit for work and listen to podcasts constantly. I really like the phone but as I get in and out of the vehicle I have gotten tired of having to connect the power and audio cable to the pone to get audio into the AUX jack on my vehicle. I found a GoGroove BlueGate device which is a bluetooth A2DP receiver that allows audio streaming from the phone to the aux jack on your car or to standard headphones. It has worked exactly as advertised and the audio is great. Here's my problem.

When I have a standard cable connecting the phone to the car, the phone allows call audio to go to the cable and car speakers but uses the phone's speaker mic for audio back to the caller. While using the BlueGate, the phone sees the device as a headset and looks for audio back from the device instead of using the phone's mic. I would love to have the phone understand that the BlueGate is a one way device and behave exactly as it does with the audio cable.

I'm not sure how clear I am with this query but any of you android experts have any ideas?