Bluetooth Connection of LG Smart TV to Hearing Aid _and_ to headphones


Jul 27, 2017
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I am trying to set up an LG television to transmit to two separate bluetooth enabled devices, for the purpose of reducing TV baseband sound ouput as much as possible.

The Devices:

TV: LG 65SK8000pua 65-inch Smart TV
Hearing Aid: Resound GN (with bluetooth).
Headphone: Mpow 59 bluetooth headphones. (other device could be acquired if needed. I have not yet purchased an adapter that appears to be needed for the headphones to connect to the TV).

At this point, the owner has baseband audio coming out of the TV speakers, which is picked up by a microphone coupled to a bluetooth transmitter in order to transmit to the Resound hearing aids. (1) A first goal: to change to an audio jack (rca, I guess) to bluetooth transmission, so that no baseband sound has to come out of the TV for the signal to be sent to the hearing aids.

(2) A second TV listener wants to hook up to the TV with bluetooth (BT) headphones. I have a pair of Mpow 59 headphones available for this purpose.

We would like to enable the TV to transmit signals to BOTH bluetooth-enabled devices without having to emit any baseband sound. The owners could not find a way to enable a direct rca-signal to BT transmission to the hearing aids, and so currently have speaker sound coming out of the TV, and then a microphone with BT output to enable a baseband-sound-to-bluetooth output for the hearing aids.

I want to add to the above the capability of an RCA-jack-to-bluetooth output for the Mpow 59 headphones in addition to the transmission to the hearing aids.

I'm posting here to find out whether this is possible, and if so, what equipment and connections are needed to accomplish this.

I saw an adapter advertised online to enable transmission of a BT signal for the Mpow 59 headphones. However, I will wait until I know more about the needed equipment and connections before purchasing the adapter.

Please let me know if the above can be accomplished without undue complexity and expenditure. And, by all means let me know if any further information about the equipment listed in the "devices" section above is needed to answer my questions.

Thanks in advance for any assistance the forum can provide.

(3) Alternative TV Set: In case the above is not possible or too difficult with the identified equipment, I would be interested in hearing about any other brand of 65-inch Smart TV that would allow the above to be accomplished.

(I couldn't find an exact category match, so I've chosen the one that seemed closest - the LG G pad 7.0)
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Jun 26, 2019
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I'm not really sure you are in the right place. This is a forum for assisting those with Android Smart phones or tablets. This TV is neither of those and runs on WebOS. Most devices can only handle one BT connection. Your best bet would be to contact LG for support or ask your question at an AV Forum