bluetooth connects to the phone but not to the phone call

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When I first got my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge my LG Tone bluetooth headset and it worked great together. Over the course of a year the headset and phone connection is getting worse.

It will "connect" and then "disconnect" then "connect" and then "disconnect". It even does this when I am on a call.

Now another new symptom...Even when the headset shows it is "connected" to the phone, it does not act like it. For example, the phone rings and the headset also vibrates and rings. I press the button on the bluetooth headset to answer the call, the headset says "call answered" but the phone keeps ringing!. I have to manually open up the phone and answer the call. The bluetooth icon on the phone is green (looking like they are connected), but I cannot hear the caller and the caller cannot hear me. I have to touch the bluetooth icon on the phone (changing it from green to gray) and then touch the icon again (changing it from gray back to green). Then all is fine and I can talk using my bluetooth.

If the call is short, I am usually fine but if it is longer, then in the middle of the conversation I realize I can no longer hear the other person. The call is still connected but the bluetooth is not working. So I have to repeat touching the green bluetooth icon on the call, turning it to gray, and then touching it again to turn it back to green.

LG says they don't have a known issue with this.

Samsung/Verizon says they don't have an issue with this.

So the two of them are passing the buck. Keep in mind that both worked great together when I first got the phone so I know they are compatible. I've tried factory resetting the phone, unpairing and repairing the bluetooth. Nothing works. I have 4 LG Tone headsets and they all do the same thing. Any solution?