Bluetooth Headphones are too loud after Nougat Update on Nexus 6P


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Hi there,

I own a pair of August EP650s which after the Nougat update no longer function as well as they did. The issue I'm having is that when adjusting the volume on my Nexus 6P, it goes from lowest setting (really quiet) to really loud (too loud to listen to) even though the volume bar isn't even half way full.

I've tried the EP650 headphones with two other devices and they work fine. Incidentally, I've also tried two other pairs of headphones (different headphones to the EP650s) and those work just fine on my phone.

Again, this issue only happened immediately after the Nougat update and I haven't seen anyone else with the same problem. Tried forgetting the device in bluetooth settings, tried restarting, tried entering in safe mode but have had no luck.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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