Bluetooth in 2014 Honda CRV

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Apr 16, 2012
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Moderators I am not sure if I out this post in the correct forum. Feel free to move it if necessary.

I just picked up a new Honda CRV base model and it is my first vehicle with built in Bluetooth. I have paired my phone (LG g2 at&t 4.4.2) to the car no problem. Play Music is my default music player. Some questions and observations:

When I turn on the car my phone connects immediately and starts playing music. Can I make it start when I tell it to start playing?

Is there no damn play/pause button in the freaking vehicle or am I blind? I see skip forward, skip back, volume up and down. Answer and reject call. But no play pause.

When playing an album normally the display shows the correct artist and song. When on shuffle it is wrong always. If I pause the song (from the device not the car because I can't find the button in the car) it will change to the correct title until the next song then it will be wrong again.

I have all my noises turned off on my phone. No lock screen unlock and lock noise, no key press noise, etc etc. But when connected to the cars Bluetooth anything I do also plays through the speakers even though they are all turned off.

I had some other things but I can't recall right now. I will have to look again tomorrow.

Anyways the car is fantastic. And the tech does what I need it to do for the most part I just think I may be doing something wrong and I don't know if I need to be finding the answer on the phone side of things or the car side or a little bit of both.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!



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Sep 17, 2014
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I had the same problem. Then it went away by itself.
Now I have a new problem. The Honda CRV bluetooth phone list and directory and set up Speed Dials work, but as soon as it starts to dial, the car automatically hangs up. When I make the call from the phone, it goes to the bluetooth just fine, but all the Bluetooth settings won't work any more. I tried unpairing the phone and reconnecting and setting up all over again. JUST DOES NOT WORK.

Any ideas?

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