Bluetooth Pairing of a Moto 360 with IPhone 6 (It KINDA WORKS)


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Jan 28, 2012
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What you Need: An Android to download and install Aerlink to your Moto 360. An IPhone to download and install BLEUtility.Nextopen BLEUtility on your IPhone, then open Aerlink on your watch (Enable the first 4-5 options). Close Aerlink on your watch. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your IPhone. Go to the Android device and TURN IT OFF. In the BLEUtility, click the Peripherals tab (bottom of app). Pairing will begin. A PIN code will appear on the watch. Enter the PIN in the pop up in the BLE app. When paired, correctly a notification will appear on the watch stating, YOU'RE ALL SET. READY (or something like that).

Check Bluetooth on your IPhone to make sure your Moto 360 is CONNECTED. If not, repeat the steps.

Bottom Line: On your Moto 360 you will be able to READ but not reply to SMS as they arrive, Mail notifications appear, as do Twitter notifications, phone call notifications, and any other notification that you have set up on the iPhone. I DO NOT RECEIVE TEMPERATURE UPDATES FROM THE IOS WEATHER APP ON WEATHER ENABLED WATCH FACES (I DON'T KNOW WHY!) Also, doing this procedure will DISABLE Google Voice Search unfortunately. However, if you can live without the aforementioned, you'll love this IPhone Bluetooth connect option. If anyone knows how I can enable weather updates, I'd sure like to know! I AM NO EXPERT ON THIS SETUP! I AM A ROOKIE! There re several videos on YouTube that you can view relating to this topic. Just search Moto 360 to IOS and you'll be in luck. Thank you. Forgive the errors. For some reason I am in overtype mode in this section!


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Nov 15, 2013
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Thanks for the write up, I plan on trying this out soon! Do you happen to know the requirements for the iOS app... iOS 8 required?

For the Android side of things, AerLink can be found HERE.