bluetooth problem


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Feb 25, 2010
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i succesfully paired my plantronics headset with my droid, but when i press the dial button on my headset the voice dial app does not launch. is this normal or is there a way to fix it?


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Nov 9, 2009
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No Bluetooth initiated voice dialing on Android

So sad. No, Android does NOT do Bluetooth initiated voice dialing.
It's a very long story but it is disabled because there may have been problems with the Android being able to understand the speech that comes through a Bluetooth connection.
Motorola+Google+Verizon = can't use it in the car?!
That's right, in many states it's illegal to use your Droid in the car unless you dialed in the driveway first.
"Why didn't you kids dial before we left the house?!
If I have to pull this car over, I swear, somebody's gonna have something to dial about!"

Threads of interest:

Official place to vote on the issue and let Google know people have noticed and are furious:
Please vote by clicking on the white star to make it yellow. This affects how the item shows up in the 'issues' list. Currently it's number two on the list.

Motorola Droid forum about lack of Bluetooth voice dialing, good source of reliable info from the source:

Sorry about the lack of proper links, I've gotta post more messages I guess.