Bluetooth question

mty msi

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Dec 2, 2010
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I am using an older Plantronics Discovery 610 Bluetooth earpiece which does not notify me of an incoming call when I am on a call. The only way I would know I had an incoming call is if I happened to be looking at the screen as there is no audio notification from either the phone or the earpiece. (the earpiece does notify me of an incoming call if I'm not on a call)

My question is does this happen because my earpiece doesn't have A2DP (think that's what it's called) capabilities or is the feature to hear notification of an incoming call on the earpiece while on a call part of the Froyo update?

I remember reading that Froyo has additional bluetooth capabilities but am not sure if an A2DP earpiece would alert me to an incoming call while on a call with Android 2.1.