Bluetooth, Smart Lock/Connect, Marshmallow LG G4, Help Please?


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Bluetooth, Smart Lock/Connect, Marshmallow LG G4

First time poster, please help me help you to answer my quandary.
So I just purchased the LG G4 and upgraded to Marshmallow 6.0.
A lot of the new settings on the G4 are new to me, but I'm coming from a G3 so the smart lock settings are not. I use an Alpine CDE-143BT head unit in my car. When I had the LG G3 I was able to get into the car, put in the unit and my G3 would automatically connect the blue tooth and I was off. However, with the new G4 and MM the Trusted Device section needs to continuously be set to my blue tooth, which is really annoying. Any thing that I've done that is causing this?
I'm sure this information is not enough for you, but please ask questions so I can give you all the info you need to make this work! Hopefully someone knows the work around. Thanks in advance! You guys are awesome.

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