Boot Animation Problems

Tim James

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Dec 17, 2012
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Greeting whomever!,

I have been wanting to try and make my own simple boot animation for the Galaxy Nexus, or any other phone with the 1280x720 resolution. First off, I should explain what I did...wrong. I downloaded GIMP (image manipulation software) to make the custom images for the boot animation. That might be the problem itself, are the GIMP images that I export not compatible for making the boot images? Anyways, I made the template itself in GIMP 720x1280 and sized the picture that I modified down to that size, which could also be the problem. I went online to see how to actually put together the folder and found that you need to put a part0 folder with all the .png's (or is it .jpg's) you want to show in it and the desc.txt with the resolution, FPS and p 0 <(or 1?) 0 part0. I downloaded Notepad++ to make the desc.txt file, which was identical to any other desc.txt file that I could find online. On my Gnex, I put the in both /data/local and /system/media and set the proper permissions, as I always do. When I restart the phone, it goes through the static Google screen with the unlock symbol at the bottom, then just a black screen and finally my lock screen. Sometimes it just stays in the black screen and I have to go into recovery and flash a backup. The only problem that I could think of is GIMP because the desc.txt file is exactly the same as any other and i've made it with Notepad++, which was recommended by many websites. Please help, I just want to get experience at making my own stuff for my phone. This also might the wrong location to put this question, i'm a noob when it comes to forums. Thanks much in advance!! :D


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Aug 26, 2014
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I wish I had the answer to that question because I am having the exact same problem! I took so much time to make a sweet animation thinking that it would be a piece of cake to do, and it should be, but the freakin' thing won't work no matter what I try.

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