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boot loop


New member
Jul 14, 2013
okay i am at a loss here as what to try next so any and all input is needed several months ago i unlocked the boot loader with the htcdev method and installed the twrp 2.1.8 but because it was a new phone and up to date on firmware the touch screen wouldn't work so i just left it at that and haven't messed with it yet the other day i picked my phone up and it was acting stupid and wouldn't do anything so i rebooted it and has been stuck in a boot loop since seeing how the twrp won't work on my phone that does me no good at all i have tried flashing the newest twrp and as far as it shows all went well but won't load when i go into recovery mode iv'e tried flashing the stock recovery and same thing it appears all went well but still no luck also when i cycle the bootloader it says no image or wrong image im at a loss as what else to try please throw ideas at me and in advance thank you

also when i say boot loop as far as it goes in the boot process is to the htc quietly brilliantly then it reboots
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