Bought an Axon 7 Mini discounted from Best Buy,could I do better for the money?


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Jul 9, 2014
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I activated an Axon 7 Mini with T-Mobile as I'm leaving Sprint/iPhone for the time being.

Looking for:
~$200 or less
Good battery life (but my standards might be low. My iPhone 6 had awful battery life and also developed a problem in the past months where it would randomly jump to a low battery percentage)
Decent processor so I could game a little, watch a video, do normal stuff without it freezing up constantly (it should be noted even on my iphone I close out any apps I'm not using, so not looking for insane multi-tasking abilities)
Would have the OS updated as long as possible or at least not have restricted app usage in the near future (I don't know much about ZTE so I'm concerned about their abilities in that area)
NFC is ideal

My concerns with the 7 Mini thus far are that from my minimal using of it (no games, just poking around the settings and using a couple apps like mail) after only maybe 5 min of usage it becomes noticeably warm in my hand. But, I suppose as long as that doesn't mean anything bad about the phone, that might be ok. Also, from my light usage I don't get the impression the battery life is that great. Lying on my desk with no apps open it lost a few percents of battery in an hour or so.

Phones I am/was looking at:
Honor 5x (benchmarks seem to be below 7 Mini, no NFC)
Moto X Pure Edition (a bit older but maybe worth it?)
Moto G4 Plus
Asus Zenfone 3 (heard Asus isn't good about updating)
Huawei P8 Lite
UMi Plus (if I could get it relatively quickly)

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