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May 18, 2012
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Hello, I am Nchantra/Enchantra or also known as EnchantraEnVain. I am the creator of Pixilated Fairy Creations, making one of a kind gem and mineral silver wire wrapped jewelry, and unique gemstone figurines,unicorns, dragons, wizards and witches... soon to come,fairies, butterflies, and hopefully custom made capes, and leather renaissance shoes and sandals.
I am a sister to the Druids of Durham, and I am the founder of WitchesMists, and CircleOfCovens on Ive recently began a branch of Dianic Wicca, of the Dianic Wicca Online University, plus I am a member of BraveHeart Women.
I am an Ordained Minister.. Plus I am going to college to finish up my Masters Degree in Computer Sciences, of which I have switched my major to CCNA now..if thats not enough, I want to switch to computer forensics ...I help raise my 4year old Grand Daughter, Taylor, with my Son, James. Taylor Rain is 4 at this time, and does preschool online.,next online kindergarten/1st and so on.. They are both my life..Everything I do, I am doing for Taylor Rain's future. Just recently bought Taylor land on the Moon, and on Mars. I hope one day it will be worth something to her....My Son got me a droid for my Birthday, and now I want to find out about it..I am not familiar with the Androids at ALL!!! lol
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Oct 6, 2010
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You sound very interesting, and have said plenty about yourself. What droid? We have a forum for that droid, and we hope to see you there to talk android. Welcome.