BT Hands free won't work with Earphone plugged in


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Sep 19, 2012
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I'm wondering if there's a setting I haven't found that corrects this issue. Here goes.

I have a factory UConnect(Older Chrysler system) that my phone works with well enough except....

I also have a tie in to my factory RECNav radio that allows me to plug in a Red/White RCA connector and play my phone through the radio's VES(Vehicle Entertainment System).

Now, when I get a call and the RCA Jack is plugged in, I cannot hear or be heard over the UConnect in the vehicle. If I unplug the jack from the phone, everything works again and I can talk and hear over the radio. The phone works to make and receive calls as usual when the earphone jack is being used, I just get no sound either over the BT connection on the radio or via the VES. It's like the phone speaker and microphone are both muted when the earphone is plugged in.

Any ideas about any setting or work around for this? All I've been doing up to now was just unpluggin the jack when I answer the phone but that kinda negates the whole idea behind "Hands Free"

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