Build Quality & Materials: One X vs One X+ vs One (2013)


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Jul 10, 2012
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The last 3 HTC flagships have all had some of the most stunning looks and designs of any smartphones we've seen. I want to know which you guys prefer: last year's polycarbonate or this year's metal?
I currently own a One and used to own a One X+. I personally like the feel of metal and the durability of polycarbonate. (I dropped my One two days ago on the top left corner on tile and it created a hideous dent and warped the top grille) The One doesn't have the best durability vs the One X/X+ (presumably because it's not one single piece). Anyways, what are your opinions?

Also, it would be nice if someone told me if and how I could get it fixed without having to file an insurance claim...

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May 23, 2010
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Metal designs definitely have a more premium feel and look. Many don't like the "plastic" look and feel because the device doesn't feel solid. If the phone looks and functions well, then that's the device for me, regardless of what it's made of.

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