But I don't wanna use wifi!!


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Feb 20, 2011
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So everywhere I go, public wifi usually maxes out at 3mgs, and it's actually more like .5mgs for the most part. At home, I have a modem/router that maxes at 10mgs and usually is pretty good at sticking around that speed continuously. I have come across a lot of apps and services that MAKE you connect via wifi because of "bandwidth issues". But the thing is, on my 4g TB, I'm sitting at 17-22mgs solid, and dropping down to the slower wifi speed makes me not want to even use these apps and services.

So my question is, are there any apps or settings that can hide my data connection to look like a wifi connection so I don't have to dummy up my phone using these services, I mean geez, I usually get network errors talking about the data connection not being fast enough anyway in public wifi areas, and I would rather use my 20mgs connection than switch to their 1.5mgs... Dl'ing in 3 seconds compared to a minute is kind of a big deal for the amount of $$ I pay for my tech addiction... :'(


Jul 5, 2011
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Your IP address is most likely what gives away whether you're using the cell data network or not. I'm not familiar with it (never used them), but there are proxies or anonymizers out there that may be able to spoof your IP address. Don't know if they would work with cell phones as I've only heard of them being used with computers.


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Jan 16, 2011
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The amazon market for sure needs it because it is a policy in their terms and conditions that anything over 20mb is required. Sounds just like apple.... Other things like streaming or online multi-user things usually ask for it do to ping rates that far outweigh speeds when it comes to lag and how their servers are impacted. 20mb at 110ms versus 10 at 20 is a huge difference and they will take the 10 all day before wanting the 20 due to latency and ping.

Edit: I just realized onlive is on android lol !! I can't wait for it officially be out!
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