C-Spire gets Lollipop update


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Mar 9, 2015
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C-Spire owners of the U.S. carrier minority variant of the Galaxy S5, SM-G900R7, have received a further Lollipop, Android 5.0, update to G900R7WWU3BOF3 on changelist #4538308 (no change from the previous release OC2). This looks to be, as with some other U.S. models, a bloatware update as opposed to an update of the actual Lollipop firmware.

To give you an idea of how this latest update compares to other firmwares, here are the current changelist #'s for the U.S. and Canadian carrier branded, minority variants.

T-Mobile (USA) model G900T build OF6 = changelist #5117004*

Cricket model G900AZ build OE2 = changelist #4837836*
Verizon model G900V build OE1= changelist #4782027*

Sprint model G900P build OF6 = changelist #4781399*

C-Spire model G900R7 build OF3 = changelist #4538308*

AT&T model G900A build OF2 = changelist #4432708*

U.S. Cellular model G900R4 build OF3 = changelist #4385544*

Bluegrass Cellular etc: model G900R6 build OB3 = changelist #4173671*

Canada (all models G900W8) build OC1 = changelist #4100894*

(*N.B. The carrier changelists above, include their bloatware. The actual Samsung changelist # they are based on will be much lower)

So, you can see, depending on which carrier you are with and which build they have chosen, your Lollipop firmware could be very out-of-date.

For more information about your model of Galaxy S5, see, 40 Galaxy S5 models - Dummies Guide, which starts with the sentence...

"Think that everyone's Samsung Galaxy S5 is the same as yours...
Think again!" ;)
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