C710 Screen is shot and i have a dilemma...


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Jul 15, 2013
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I have an Acer C710-2490 and I really love it, but the screen is shot. It looks like someone drew lines with a blue ballpoint pen down from the top and there is a black line on the right side of the screen that gets wider all of the time. You can barely see the Chrome scrollbar now. Apparently it is a known issue with these devices.

I've looked into replacing the screen. I'm in Canada and the only vendor that I can find is out of the glossy screens and only has the more expensive matte screens now. The cost is going to be about $110 with tax and shipping. I don't want to buy from China. I've never had any luck with having anything like that shipped from over there. It always gets broken.

I can buy a refurbished model CB3-111-C4GD for about $200 including tax, with a 1 year warranty and a processor that is twice as fast as the C710. That seems like the better deal but it only has a 16 GB SSD. My C710 has a 320 GB mechanical hard drive. I like that option in case I ever want to unlock it and install Linux.

My question is, does anyone know if there is enough room to install the 320 GB drive into a CB3-111-C4GD? If I can do that, I might buy it. If not, I may replace the screen on the C710. Other than the screen it is in perfect shape. The battery is still holding a charge very well and the processor is fast enough for anything that I use it for.


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