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Call not sent and other annoying issues


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Nov 13, 2010
Hey everyone. Ok so I have a few issues. My main one is when I make a call almost every single time the call will go through like normal but then a "call not sent" box will show on the screen. When I hit ok in that box it takes me back out to my home page. Then when I go to hang up the call I have to swipe down the notification area and click to hang it up which is very very slow. It takes forever to get it to swipe down and hang up. Sometimes by that time the other person has already hung up but a lot of times if they havent then it really takes a while. So thats issue 1.

Issue 2 is I just keep locking up for no apparent reason. Ill be unable to scroll through home pages or up and down if Im in browser (Dolphin) or even go home if Im in an app. Im almost convinced this is a Launcher Pro issue because the only way Ive been able to unlock things (Ive sat and waited sometimes several mins and it stays locked) is to hold down the home key and go to task manager and kill Launcher Pro. Then everything resets and Im ok for a while. I hate using task manager but its the only way to fix it.

Issue 3 is a weird one and it happens a lot. The way it happened this morning is I clicked to send a text msg and it opened up App Market instead. I was like huh? So I went back home and clicked the msg again and this time it opened email. So instead of hitting home I hit task manager and it showed only Launcher Pro up so I went out of that and back to msg again and it opened App Market again. I hit the back arrow button and it literally took me through probably 20 different apps one at a time until it went back to home. It was like they were running in the background but not showing in task manager and so when I was clicking the button to send a text it was just picking one of these background apps at random. This has happened every day at least once a day. Funny thing is it will sometimes have apps up that I havent even used in days and days. Like yesterday I did a total shut down on the phone. Turned it back on and a few hours later it did this and one of the apps I had to back out of with the back arrow was CNN. I havent been to CNN on the phone in days. So where did it come from?

Issue 4 is email notifications arent coming again. It was working great for the past few weeks and now its pooped out on me again. Thats actually why I shut down the phone yesterday. Shutting it down somehow resets email and my notifications return for a while.

Issue 5 is random vibration. Its usually when Im doing something on the phone and not when the phone is idle. Its that vibration like the phone is going to do a force close but the force close doesnt happen. Just the vibration.

Issue 6 is when the phone is idle and I go to unlock it the thing will slide and unlock but then nothing happens on the screen. Its just black. It will sit and sit for a lifetime if I let it. So Ill usually turn the screen off and back on and unlock it again. Sometimes that fixes things. Sometimes it doesnt and I have to totally reboot the phone.

Any ideas? Ive cleared cache and dalvik cache. That didnt help. Ive deleted a bunch of apps figuring if I dont use them much then I dont need them. That didnt help. I really dont want to wipe the whole phone and start over from scratch again. I really dont. My phone info if any of this helps is:

Firmware 2.2.1
Baseband S:i500.04 V.EB01
Build SCH-I500.EB01
Im running Launcher Pro, Beautiful Widgets and Beautiful Weather and using Dolphin for browser. Thanks!

Ron Sanden

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Aug 14, 2015
1. I have exact same Issue! started about 2 updates ago... Someone please advise here!
2. do not have this issue
3. do not have this issue - maybe a mail app issue?
4. do not have this issue - related to #3?
5. once in a while, it was an app notifying me but only in vibe... I set the app to (Uninstall, I hate buggy apps)
6. Too many resource hog apps going... clean house.

If I had the number of issues you do I would wipe it clean, and update to current, with all the apps updating and the android it self updating its hard to say what app lost a bit of info and acting buggy, probably more than on app... and I would only add the apps I really miss back... Good Luck!
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