call quality gets choppy when I move around the house or drive


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Jun 29, 2011
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I have noticed that my call quality gets choppy in and out garbly when I am on the phone and moving about the house, its not that bad when i am standing still and I would say its even worse when driving in the car. I am living in a are about 20 minutes south of Chicago and actually get decent reception and bars when it is doing this. I exchanged it once for this and this one is the same. I have other phones in the house from Sprint that really don't do othis. I'm not sure if the mod evrc b is supposed to help this but I tried and made no difference. Is there anything else I can try that actually helps.


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Jul 13, 2011
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Re: call quality gets choppy when I move around the house or driv

a few quick questions...

first off, just how good is sprint in your area? better yet, is sprint maybe updating your area's towers?
testing your 3G phone as compared to maybe your 2G phones may be the reason you are getting a different result between your phones if they are updating your towers.

next, just because you got a new phone doesn't mean that it too is not somewhat broken. as sad as that may sound, just think, there are some who got as many as 3 evo3d phones and all were bad. so if you are still under the 30 days, it might be time to try to get another phone, say directly from sprint over the phone or online. retentions, or what they now call "care" should be able to help you.

finally, just how much is your phone updated? what is the android number at? 2.3.4? 2.3.3?
also, just what is your PRL listed as? PRL 21081 seems to be working best for most people. so if this is not it, then it needs to be changed to this PRL number.