CALL RECORDER App for SAMSUNG Android SmartPhone


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Dec 8, 2023
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GOOGLE Play store is awash with call recording Apps yet for the life of me - and incomprehensibly the designers of these Apps are totally obsessed with automatic CALL recording- "No, no, NO!!
In the 1st instance I'm not a paranoid snooper obsessed with "gathering evidence" on someone or trying to blackmail and secondly, I don't want my phone's already bulging memory to force my phone into lock-up paralysis nor do I wish to be lumbered with the drudge chore of having to purge my phone's memory all the time...
Seriously, how hard can it be to design a recorder App with an easy-to-use manual recording option. All I'm after is for the App to install a " Rec" button on my phone's dial-pad so that I can just tap on it as necessary.
Three additional requirements: (i) it must be free, (ii) it should be a relatively small file size and (iii) non-cloud based and can operate with data switched-off, i.e. standalone operation.
Try as I might, I've yet to find such an App. The few that promise manual recording are duds - they just don't work (my latest selection was "Talker ACR" - complete zombie!).
So, my question is, can anyone out there recommend a call recorder App that does actually work and meets the requirements I've stipulated? N.B. please, no offerings from just Googling, I want recommendations based on real-world user experience. If possible, please up-load a screenshot of your phone's dial-pad so I can see what the installation looks like.
Thanks all.


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Nov 13, 2023
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I have changed csc on my Galaxy s22 ultra and then native call recorder is available but besides that cube acr works too with the helper apk it guides you to install. Tested on friend phone android 14.

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