Calls go mute on LG Stylo 4 (green pop up and person on the line can't hear me)

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My LG Stylo 4 keeps muting me during calls. It usually happens about 30 seconds to 1 minute into a conversation. For some reason I'm suddenly muted and the other person on the line cannot hear me. There is nothing to alert me that I have gone mute -- I will usually be mid-sentence and just hear the other person say "hello? are you there?"

When I will take the phone away from my ear I see a little green pop up (I guess it's minimized the call). Once I click the green pop up the other person can hear me again.

I hear the other person perfectly well, but they cannot hear me.

I'd be so grateful for any suggestions. Based on advice online, I've already tried disabling Google voice and turning off VOLTE. None of these have solved the problem.

Please please please help! This issue is driving me nuts :(

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