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Camera leaf icons missing

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My friend has the ultra 21 as well and he has leaf icons that allow him to quickly select zoom intervals. Mine are missing. He can go to 10x, then zoom and go to 100. I can only go to 6. The leaf icons are there for video, just not photo. Thanks in advance!


New member
Jan 11, 2014
Are you set to 108mp mode?

When set to that the camera app remains locked to the primary sensor and has limited digital zoom. It won't switch over to the other camera lenses that are required for the zoom since they cannot produce a 108mp image.


New member
Jul 9, 2011
You may be on the camera's highest quality setting 3:4 ratio and 108MP. That doesn't have the leafs, and will only zoom to 6. If you switch to standard 3:4 the full controls should be there.