Camera quality of Galaxy S III vs Evo 4G LTE ?


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May 12, 2012
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I got the Evo 4G LTE via pre-order and have used it for abt a week now, but I am so disappointed in the pictures/camera/video quality of Evo $G LTE.

Does anyone know of any picture/camera reveiws... ? And any comparison of phone signl and battery life between these two ? I have 4 ore days to decide to keep the Evo 4G LTE or wait for GS III.
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Jan 1, 2011
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Thanks ! So I was not off the mark saying pics on HTC Evo are bad :(

Photo Compare Tool -

Thank you for this link, btw.

however, I wouldn't go so far as to say that the camera is bad. It's just not processed as heavilly as other camera. It leaves the processing for the user to do. That is great for me but bad for the average consumer. See my post on the El Tevo vs. SIII camera thread:

OTOH, I'm looking to possibly trade in my phone as well. I'm sick of HTC not having the imagination to stay with the times in terms of processing and memory. This time, they at least got the processor right - but 1G of RAM is not cutting it. Today, I was driving using my GPS and Spotify. I could use one or the other. Because whatever was in the background always force closed. That's just wrong. In this day and age with huge screens and therefore huge graphic resources, the apps are just getting bigger and bigger. The same apps on my OG EVO worked just fine side by side. But they take up more RAM now. So... yeah I'm definitely interested in this topic because the camera is one of the reasons I have for _staying_ with the El Tevo rather than moving to the SIII.

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