Can an app be rebuild to be movable on the SD Card ?

Gordon Freeman5

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Feb 22, 2022
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Hello everyone, I am new here :)

I am using Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 SM-A530F running Android 9 Pie and I have lots of apps on it installed already. (I use the device for nearly 4 years)

It is the 32GB version, but recently I also i inserted a 64GB Samsung microSD inside...

What I did:
- Moved all the possible apps on the card with AppMgr III
- I Regularly use SD Maid Pro and CCleaner for cleaning and obtaining some more space juice
- I changed Spotify's cache to be also on the external storage
- Backed up some non-important apps that pretty much I dont use at all on the card and uninstalled them... actually I have a lot of these
- I also moved and continue to move new big files to the microSD

Now I have only 5.1 GB free on the phone' storage memory, while the card is not even half full and I am not fully satisfied.

Let me clarify that I am not a developer and the phone is not rooted.

My question is can an app, possibly with a desktop(Windows) application be rebuild for the purpose of being moved on the sdcard without too much extensive knowledge and/or being a developer ?

Also, what other methods do you recommend for cleaning space ? Some adb "hacks" ? (Other than uninstalling system apps)

Thanks in advance.


Jul 14, 2011
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Unfortunately, nope. You can do that if the app's code is freely available and you (or someone else) has the chops to modify it, but that's about it. Now, when it comes to the phone itself, however, there are 3rd party tools (again, usually not super user friendly) that can help you 'fool' the OS into thinking the SD Card is a part of the internal memory. Bear in mind that SD cards are slower than internal memory and, if failed/removed/damaged, can cause apps to malfunction and you may lose data and be forced to re-install.


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Jun 28, 2010
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Currently, you really need 128 GB ROM/internal storage to install apps and not worry about it.

64GB is probably acceptable but it is becoming the norm for 128GB.


Jul 14, 2011
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Not sure that's a fair assessment for most users. I'm definitely not on the 'basic' user category but can arguably state that I'm not a 'heavy' user either when it comes to apps/files, but in that 'medium-high heat' category, I've still yet to go over 64GB on my phones. Sure, I'm getting close (52GB right now), and I certainly don't keep 15 movies on my phone or download 17 Netflix shows and movies on the go, but still. 64 should be good enough for most people right now. Thankfully I don't think flagships start at 64GB anymore anyway.


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Aug 5, 2015
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Check the settings of the apps that use lots of data space (camera, maps, games, etc). Many of the current versions have a setting to let you put the oodles of data on the SD card while keeping the app on the internal storage where everyone wants it.

Checking the basics -- make sure you have all your docs, music, videos, pictures on the SD card.

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